The Bottle Rocket

​Liam was running around with the dog, playing with its tennis ball and stuff. I wasn’t really paying attention while I was pumping away at the bike pump. Liam ran accross the yard with the dogs ball and proceeded to place the ball on top of the rocket, I guess in an attempt to launch the ball with the rocket. It all happened very quickly. 

When he went to place down the ball, he orientated his head directly over the top of the rocket in order to place it accurately. I think, in my childishness, I kind of wanted it to go off, however I just had this feeling that it probably wouldn’t go off anyway, and I really didn’texpect him to put his head over it, so even if it did, I figured it would only scare the shit out of him with a near miss maybe… What the fuck was I thinking.

At the precise moment his head was directly over the rocket, it went off. The rocket connected with his face with incredible force. It knocked him onto his back with a blood curdling screem. I just stood at the pump in shock while my uncle ran to his aid. Elma, my uncle, cradled him from behind while he cried uncontrollably. I walked over and I could only stand there helplessly.

We didn’t know it at the time but the force of the impact on his eyeball had resulted in a partial disconnection of the retina and as well as a fractured eye socket, he had permanently lost 80% of his vision in that eye. My stupid actions that day have impacted his entire life. I wish I could reverse it.

That’s the thing with this life, there’s so much you can’t possibly control outside of yourself, carelessness is one of those things, you can control that, so you can control your impact on the lives of others, I learnt that lesson that day, along with an introduction to Murphys Law. I just wish I wasn’t the way my brother learnt how the carelessness of others can’t be controlled. 

I don’t want to be excused by my age at the time, or by the other factors that contributed to the accident. It is my fault…

And it’s better that way.

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